For Mama, baby and all the family: Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage, Baby Massage classes and Infant Developmental Movement sessions

Shanti holds baby in ball upside down - Jocasta Crofts

Hello & Welcome to my website, (mamababy-massage.co.uk)

I am here to support families as they begin, and as they continue to grow and blossom. As a healer and educator I am here to accompany you and your family on the journey from conception through pregnancy, to birth and babyhood. This time together may be for a single session, or we may journey closely over a couple of years.

This website and the work I offer is for Babies, Mamas, Papas, children, care givers and other family members who love to give or receive massage, and enjoy communicating through touch and playful movement.

I give massage to pregnant and postnatal mamas to allow them some time to rest and treat themselves to a yummy nurturing space. I wish to celebrate, bless and honour the sacred journey, the rite of passage that each woman passes through during pregnancy and birth.

I work together with couples, sharing practical advice with the pregnant woman’s partner on how they can give massage or supportive touch in pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal period.

I offer family massage sessions. Mamas and babies can come together to receive massage and healing, or it could be the whole family, one after the other.

I teach baby massage to help if you want to learn more about how you or your partner can connect with your baby or children through listening, loving and respectful touch.

Or you might want to know more about your baby’s development and understand how to support your their movement through play.

As an experienced bodywork practitioner, educator in the Somatic Arts, dancer & mover and, also as a mother, I’d like to offer you and your family my intuition, care and love of the body, mind and spirit, through my work.

Remember, movement and touch are the first ways that we understand and communicate in life. Touch is a basic human need, and nurturing touch is fundamental to our wellbeing.

My work is based in Clifton, Bristol. I am also happy to come to your home.